Ultra-Featherweight Flywheel

Developed in 2021

The newest rendition to the Sky Dynamics catalog offers a new design that goes beyond what was once seen as impossible.

The engineers here at Sky Dynamics have pushed the envelope to create a flywheel that is now Under 3lbs!

With our lightest option weighing in at 2lbs 13-15oz.

We have managed to remove another 6-7 ounces in comparison to our Featherweight flywheel.

This component has been designed to target aero-fanatics who wish to squeeze every last ounce of performance from their experimental aircraft.

 Ultra Featherweight Flywheel



Available in both 0-360 / 0-320 applications, with or without an alternator pulley.



Ultra Featherweight without alternator pulley $1,417.50
Ultra Featherweight with alternator pulley $1,732.50



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