We have been manufacturing exhaust systems for high performance aircraft since 1977.


Engine Parts

We manufacture a range of engine components designed to increase engine performance.


Engine Assembly

We assemble the highest performing engines for aerobatic and high speed aircraft.


Dyno Testing

Our dynos are key to product development and properly testing our performance engine assemblies.


Game Composites - GB1

November 2015: The Game Composites GB1 is steadily moving through flight tests and the certification process.

Game Composites contacted us to manufacture the unique exhaust system and intake components to complement the streamlined cowling.


Anequim Project - UFMG (Brazil) - Fastest 4 cylinder equipped aircraft in the world.


August 2015: The Anequim Project has now officially met its goal as the fastest 4 cylinder equipped aircraft in the world. We traveled to Brazil to help the team with the record flight attempts and over a three day span we were able to set five new world records in the FAI C1A class.

The new records are as follows:

1. Speed over 3 km with restricted altitude

Previous record: Nemesis DR-90 - 466.83km/h (Jon Sharp)

New record claim: 521.08km/h

2. Speed over 15 km

Previous record: Nemesis DR-90 - 455.8 km/h (Jon Sharp)

New record claim: 511.19 km/h

3. Speed over 100 km closed course

Previous record: W.Air Race - 389.6 km/h (Richard Young)

New record claim: 490.14 km/h

4. Speed over 500 km closed course

Previous record: VariEze - 387.4 km/h (Klaus Savier)

New record claim: 493.74 km/h

5. Time to climb up to 3,000 meters

Previous record: Pushy Galore – 3 minutes and 8 seconds (Bruce Bohannon)

New record claim: 2 minutes and 26 seconds

The aircraft is using one of our AEIO-360 engines with the full complement of our products.

The aircraft is truly impressive in that it is a fixed gear, normally aspirated design.

You can keep up with the project by going to their Facebook page.


David Windmiller - Edge 540

One of our favorite people and another incredible pilot from the northeast US, David Windmiller's Edge 540 uses a few of our products. His AEIO-540 built by PennYan Aero features our Lightweight Maxi-Sump system, 6/1 Exhaust, and Lightweight Flywheel (for LSE Ignition). In the next few weeks he will also be installing our new Top Cylinder Girdle kit and Air-Fuel Ratio monitor.


Official Manufacturer of RBAR Exhaust Systems

We are proud to have been chosen as the official manufacturer of approved exhaust systems for the 2014 Red Bull Air Race and beyond.

We are looking forward to working with Red Bull, Lycoming/Thunderbolt, and each of the teams throughout the seasons to come.


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