Lycoming 6 Cylinder Cold Air Induction


Revolutionary Tapered-Tube Intake System

  Our latest 6 Cylinder Intake System was designed with the serious 540 or 580 in mind. This system was designed to be the ultimate performance intake while being able to accommodate tight cowling dimensions. The light-weight magnesium intake plenum is flanged for RSA-10 type fuel servos and has large bell-mouthed outlet ports leading into each cylinder intake tube. What makes this system truly revolutionary though is the inclusion of tapered intake tubes. These tubes start at a larger diameter leaving the plenum exit and taper slowly and smoothly down to match the cylinder port entry. This gradual taper provides maximum airflow, while increasing velocity to force the maximum amount of fuel/air into the cylinder. Because of our heat treatment and forming abilities, we are able to manufacture these complex tubes into a single piece which reduces weight while enhancing both durability, appearance, and ease of installation.


Our advanced manufacturing processes allow us to provide systems whose quality is far beyond the typical fabricated experimental aircraft parts. This translates to long-lasting, reliable components that perform at the highest level and have the fit/finish and aesthetic quality befitting high-performance aircraft.

Initial independently-performed, back to back dyno tests show increased pressure at the valve and increased power. The data acquired from aircraft using this new system is showing as much as a 1.2" gain in cylinder port pressure on takeoff. In flight, we have seen as much as 6" of port pressure over ambient - yes, 35"+ from a naturally aspirated engine. This power increase is immediately noticeable on the takeoff roll and climbout in addition to increased vertical penetration. Where it is most easily defined though is in straight/level top speed increases. Overcoming drag at high speeds to increase top speed takes a significant power increase. We have seen consistent gains of 4 - 6 knots over other systems, and as much as 9 knot increases in some delicately-refined installations.


We also offer a lightweight option for this system, originally designed for the highly-competitive Red Bull Air Race planes (prior to the introduction of standardized engines), but available to anyone looking to save every pound possible. The lightweight version knocks an additional 3.5 pounds off the total system weight. The total weight of the complete intake system is 5.92 pounds (2.69kg). The light-weight version's tubes can be color-anodized to match your engine or can be provided polished.


Our 6 Cylinder Cold Air Intake conversion kits allow the use of the large Bendix RSA-10 Type Fuel Servo and places the servo tilted slightly upward and forward facing, following the contour of the sump for tight cowl applications. We also offer a billet aluminum angle adapter that places the fuel servo parallel to the engine case when the angled face is not required.


The combination of magnesium plenum and carefully formed tubes create the lightest intake system available today . When combined with our standard 6-cyl Maxi-Sump, the entire system weighs just 19.25 pounds (8.73kg) or 15.70 pounds (7.12kg) for the light-weight version. The intake tubes slide onto the plenum outlet ports using encapsulated O-rings for a positive seal and straightforward installation. The only fabrication involved in the installation consists of making new oil lines if necessary and moving or re-working the throttle/mixture cable brackets. Additionally, the cowling inlet hole may need to be be changed to align to the new fuel servo position. Each Maxi-Sump and Intake system are installed on a complete engine assembly prior to shipping to verify correct fitment. We spend a great deal of time verifying fitment as so many of our systems are shipped internationally.

Lycoming AEIO-540-L1B5 Cyl. #3 tube tested against SD Cyl. #3 tube. Flowed at 28"H2O.







Lycoming 4 Cylinder Cold Air Induction





The compliment to our 4 Cylinder Maxi-Sump is the Cold Air Induction Manifold. We have recently finished a complete revision of our 4 cylinder Cold Air Intake System. Every aspect of the system has been improved using in-house dynamometer testing and the knowledge we've gained from planes flying our products. The revised system not only makes more power than previous systems, but also weighs less and allows more compact cowl dimensions.


Our intake system is separate from the oil sump and, as such, does not let the heat of the oil increase the temperature of the inlet air. On a standard Lycoming, as the oil temperature increases, the power level decreases. Pilots flying our system have noticed that the power stays consistent over a full sequence or practice session thus relieving some of the pilot's workload. Additionally, the intake plenum chamber volume of our system is substantially greater than the stock piece which means there is always a fresh slug of cool air available to fill each cylinder.


We understand that most people don't want to purchase a performance sump & intake system and then have to spend a week finding the little parts needed to complete the installation. We do our best to make the kit as comprehensive as possible. As such, we include all new fasteners, seals, gaskets, fittings, etc. Some installations may require new throttle/mixture cable mounts to be made. If you are relocating your servo to forward-facing, you may need to make new fuel lines. Also, an inlet tube to connect your cowling inlet to the servo needs to be fabricated. We provide a front servo flange for your new inlet tube as that is generally the most difficult part to fabricate. Although since every installation is different, we are not able to provide an accurate inlet tube for each particular combination.