We began developing our crankcase evacuation system (breather vented into collector) in the late 90's. A lot of testing and refinement for different installations has taken place since then. For more information on this, please see our article explaining our Exhaust Breather/Crankcase Evacuation System, as printed in Sport Aerobatics Magazine.

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Product Documentation

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6 Cylinder Cold Air Intake Instructions


6 Cylinder Lightweight Cold Air Intake Instructions

6 Cylinder Maxi-Sump Instructions


Lambda Sensor System Instructions


High-Lift Rocker Arm Instructions


4 Cylinder Maxi-Sump / Cold Air Intake Instructions

Exhaust System Instructions

Oil Line Installation Instructions

Top Cylinder Girdle Instructions



Flywheel Installation Notes

UltraSky Ignite - Electronic Ignition Instructions

UltraSky EMS - Electronic Engine Management System Instructions


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