Customer Spotlight: Frank Knapp's STOL Cub

 Frank built this highly modified J-3 Cub with lightness in mind and it paid off, weighing only 685 pounds when completed. For power, Frank is using a Don's Dream Machines C-85 engine with our lightweight 4/1 exhaust system. All combined with some great piloting, this has produced incredible STOL results - takeoffs and landings in less than 60 feet! Frank won his class at the 2013 and 2014 Valdez STOL Competitions and his results were the best recorded through the entire event.


Congratulations to Jago Stemberger on the first flight in his Ultimate 20-300S!



Welcome to our newest international dealers:

Located in Barreiras, Brazil, AeroCentro specializes in Lancair and RV-series aircraft, including the development of the first turbocharged RV-10's in the world.

Möhle Flugzeugwerft is a premier maintenance facility for aerobatic aircraft located in Berlin, Germany.


     Improved Feather-weight Flywheel Now available  for 0-360 and 0-320 Applications




The original featherweight flywheel has been improved over the past years to accommodate more engine models whilst still providing outstanding quality and reliability for the customer.

Contact us for inquiry and ordering today! 


Customer Spotlight: Regis Notini - Black Eagle

 Over the past year while he has been overhauling this plane, Regis has been sending us quick emails with pics showing some of the special parts that he has fabricated for this build. Judging by the quality and ingenuity put into those small pieces, it was inevitable that the final product was going to be something special. But we were blown away when he finally sent pictures of the completed project. This is a gorgeous example of the Christen Eagle and we are so happy to have been a part of it.


Magnesium Top Cylinder Girdles

 We are now offering Top Cylinder Girdle Kits for the (AE)IO-360 parallel-valve engines. After extensive vibration and strain testing, we have found the ultimate design to add the proper strength while keeping weight to a minimum. These girdles substantially limit the cylinder's natural X-Y movement to increase durability and horsepower in high power applications. (AE)IO-540 versions will be available soon. Please click the 'Engine Components' button to the left for more info.


Customer Spotlight: Dave Anders RV-4

 Dave Anders' RV-4 is an excellent example of combining the right parts with ingenuity and forethought to create one of the highest all-around performance aircraft in the world. After 20 years of use on the original systems, we recently overhauled the 4/1 exhaust and upgraded his Maxi-Sump system to suit a new, even more powerful Ly-Con engine. 

 "I just want to say THANK YOU for such great work and such reliable systems for all these years. I've had your equipment on my plane for 2300 hrs of trouble free operation. Your systems were very instrumental in developing the drag reduction package on my plane."

 - Dave Anders, Owner/Builder RV-4 230A


400+hp Lycoming TIO-540-EXP

 We build a limited number of performance engines for some of the unique projects that come our way. This one was especially interesting for us because of the initial requirements: turbocharged, lightweight, pusher configuration, high power available from 1500 to 2800 RPM, and a performance ceiling to 25,000MSL. But the number one requirement for the engine was 400 HP @ 2700 RPM. From these requirements, we spec'd and built a parallel valve 540 engine that not only makes power effortlessly, but is also durable enough to handle the power. Some new and unique parts and instrumentation went into this engine in the name of longevity. During testing in our dyno cell, the engine repeatedly produced 800+ft-lbs of peak torque and a power curve that showed over 700ft-lbs available from 1449 RPM to beyond 3000 RPM. Impressive output that really proves the right combination of parts is key to making huge, reliable power. 


 Latest Edge 540 V3 Exhaust Design


 After slight revisions and improvements to our racy Edge 540 V3 Lightweight 6/1 Exhaust, we can now offer multiple options of the system depending on the longevity required by the customer. The systems range in weight from a scant 10.5 pounds for the low-time racers up to 11.25 for more practical purposes. The tradeoff with the increased weight is a boost in longevity of the system.


Crankcase Evacuation Article in Sport Aerobatics Magazine - Jan. 2011

 Check out the article on our "Information" page. Thanks to the EAA and IAC for this opportunity and for continuing to promote the aerobatic community in print and on the web with In The Loop and


Lightweight Exhaust For Mike Goulian's Extra


 Like a lot of aerobatic competition and show planes recently, Mike Goulian's team is putting his Extra 330 on a weight loss program. We were able to help by building a new lightweight exhaust system that will shave almost 6 pounds from the nose of the airplane. During an aerobatic sequence this weight loss translates into faster recovery from a maneuver, reduced pilot workload, and ultimately the ability to perform new, more exciting figures. Our lightweight exhaust systems feature some innovative production techniques to maintain the exhaust system durability that we are known for.