Right Angle Prop Governor Drive Kit

We are excited to offer a new Right Angle Prop Governor Drive for Lycoming installations with limited firewall clearance.  

Many applications simply do not have enough room between the rear of the engine and the firewall to accommodate a prop governor in the standard configuration.  These applications would then be forced to use an expensive crankcase assembly designed to place the governor forward of the number 2 cylinder.  Our right angle prop governor drive allows the installation of the governor off of the proper hydraulic drive pad at the lower right-hand portion of the rear accessory housing.



Besides cost, another downside to the front-mounted governor crankcase is that the governor is placed in the incoming air path for the left-hand cooling inlet.  For those who are putting an emphasis on reducing cooling drag, these little things make a difference.  A front-mounted governor may also complicate baffling/plenum design and actuator cable routing.



These drive assemblies were originally designed by Burhoe Machine Works for use in Pitts S-1, Giles, and DR-107 (One Design) aircraft.  We purchased a few of the assemblies from them and recognizing the quality of the assembly and the ongoing need we had for them, we ultimately acquired the design so that we could assure that they would remain available into the future.


Kit Pricing:

Description Cost

Right Angle Drive Kit for use with 4 cylinder Lycoming engines, Including:

  • Assembled Drive Housing
  • High-Pressure hose assembly with fire sleeve
  • WDG support clamps
  • Adapter fitting for high pressure supply hose







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