We manufacture a range of engine components designed to increase engine performance.

At Sky Dynamics, we are constantly revising our products and designing new ones with the goal of increasing durability, reducing weight, and increasing engine efficiency and output. Our engine components are designed to improve Lycoming engines in high output applications. These are all products that have been thoroughly tested in our performance engine assemblies and have been made available to anyone looking for a performance advantage.

We specialize in Lycoming IO, AEIO, and TIO -360 and -540 engines and their variants (320, 340, 375, 390, 580). Our testing capabilities allow us to not only produce parts that perform well, but also increase the strength of the engine to handle the added loads inherent in performance aircraft.

Please note that some of our products are highly specialized and are therefore only available installed in one of our performance engine assemblies.


     Our Maxi-Sump / Cold-Air Intake System is the lightest and highest performing package for Lycoming engines.


     Our magnesium Top Cylinder Girdles offer the lightest way to add considerable rigidity and prevent cylinders from excess movement.


     Our line of FeatherWeight Flywheels reduce static weight from the most desirable point on the aircraft as well as increase engine acceleration.


     Our UltraSky EMS is the highest qualtiy and best performing electronic engine management system available for Lycoming engines.


     Our UltraSky Ignite electronic ignition system incorporates unique features that improve engine efficiency and safety.


    We offer engine monitoring and data acquisition products to better analyze engine behavior.


    Our mechanical fuel system is designed to supply the maximum amount of air to the engine along with properly metered and atomized fuel.


     Propeller Governor Drive for use in limited clearance Lycoming engine installations